Health Mart Digital Thermometer

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Certificate of accuracy: We certify that this thermometer is accurate throughout its entire range. Safe: No fear of broken glass or mercury poisoning. Fast: Ready to read in under 60 seconds. Easy to read: Large digital display numbers. Unique: Fever-Alarm: Alerts you of a temperature above 99.5 degrees. A different beep sounds for normal temperature. Ez-Beep; Easier to hear than standard thermometers. Accu-Bite: Grooves help accurate measurement and reduce gag reflex. Accu-Hold: Easy hold ridges for correct placement. Automatic shutoff: Shuts off if left on for three minutes to conserve long lasting battery. This digital thermometer may be used for oral, rectal or axillary temperature taking. Contents: One digital thermometer with battery, 5 probe covers, instructions and lifetime guarantee. Gentle care for your child.