SoftHeat MaxHeat Therapeutic Relief Moist Heat Heating Pad 1 EA

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Soothing heat therapy: relaxes muscles and relieves joint pain and soreness; increases blood flow to the injury area and helps accelerate healing; warms and loosens stiff muscles before exercise. Timed-release moisture technology provides deeper heat penetration than dry heat alone. Moist heat is physician recommended. Provides consistent heat in the recommended therapeutic range. Eliminates spikes and maintains a more comfortable even heat. Fast relief. Soothing therapy. Moist heat. 3 power heat settings control your therapy. Moist heat heating pad. 60 minute auto-off. Machine washable cover. 12 x 15 inches large size pad. Maximum heat for optimal therapy. For: menstrual pain relief; muscle ache relief; arthritis pain relief. Aquifer time-released moisture. Actual color of cloth cover may vary from picture on package.